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HAMMEL - The Original

HAMMEL around the World

For more than 20 years now, HAMMEL has been a name synonymous for highest standards in quality and reliability. What originally started as a small agricultural workshop has since grown into an innovative and efficient company with 300 employees worldwide. After a restructuring in 1996, HAMMEL started with eight employees at its current headquarters in Bad Salzungen, Germany. Today HAMMEL is the market leader in shredding technology with representatives in all major European countries, the United States, Japan, and Australia.
As a testimony to our commitment to the quality of our machines and the reliability of our service, both the company and its market share are continually increasing in size, especially in the export markets.

HAMMEL - Know-how

As a result of our worldwide sales and service network, we have acquired extensive knowledge in all technical fields, enabling us to solve all types of recycling problems. The result is a long-term, trusting relationship with our customers.
Despite modern technology, our business is characterized by traditional values. Flat hierarchies, an open company policy, team spirit, and independent action create an efficient working atmosphere in which our customers' needs are taken extremely seriously. We are always committed to finding the best solution for you!

HAMMEL - Customized for You!

Optimal performance can only be achieved when using tools specially designed for the products being shredded. Therefore, each project starts with intensive consultations in order to obtain the information needed to design the best end results in throughput, end-product size, and efficiency. Each HAMMEL machine is adapted to your individual needs to achieve optimal performance. Priority is given to the customer being able to use our machines profitably.

HAMMEL - Quality and Service

Our service teams are currently maintaining HAMMEL machines which have already completed 60,000 operating hours. We take great care in the selection of components, materials, and suppliers. High quality steel and quality bearings are able to cope with the high demands of daily use under the worst possible conditions. Our customers benefit from our commitment to quality through the long service lives of our machines and their low maintenance costs.